Like the stars

I love you like the stars, I whisper in the darkness. I am alone and the clock on the bedside table helpfully tells me that it’s just a quarter past 3.

Not in the scientific sense, not like giant balls of plasma that go round and round forever out of my reach. I breathe in and let out a shuddering breath heavy with hopes, dreams, and memories. It hurts but I’m not surprised, love has always hurt, has always been so much and too much, so much that it  feels like my heart is going to burst open and paint the whole room a vibrant rainbow of love, love, love, love, love, yes, always, always, love

Life, like love, is a matter of gravity, I murmur and roll over, feeling my heart clench and my throat tighten. Things…pulled together endlessly. I hum in thought and feel tears spilling from the corner of my eyes.I wipe the tears away but it’s no use, they keep coming.

Hours later I open my eyes and I instantly feel my chest tighten. I let out a trembling breath as I stand, my heart buzzing with energy, and I send unconditionally loving thoughts to you, across the ocean, across time and space and anything that could never, never stand in between us. There’s nothing you could do that could make me love you less.

I love you like the stars.




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